Thorgal: Update #27 – New add-ons and rewards!

Hello backers! How’s your day? I hope you are doing awesome! On our side, it is another day of exciting updates for the campaign!

Stretch goals

Today’s stretch goal is 8 additional Terrain cards, which will bring the total to over 20 in the box. The Terrain cards depict iconic places from the world of Thorgal, such as the Qa region. These cards have on them new unique icons that represent effects not presented in the base set of Terrain cards, providing more complex effects.


Enemy cards as PDF?

The survey about the enemy cards was a positive success. Thank you for all your votes and your positive feedback. Some of you said you don’t need this and don’t expect us to prepare such cards, but many of you voted yes and appreciate our additional effort. Therefore, we will prepare special cards that will be available in the Print and Play version under a QR code that you will find in your game.

What are your further plans?

We also have new add-ons for you. The first one is a Playmat, which will be placed next to the Atlas of Adventure and prevent components from sliding and help organize components on the table. Playmat will have stitched edges for better durability. However, please note that the Playmat does not fit in the base game box! It is too big!

The second add-on is sleeves, which are a set for all cards from the base game, stretch goals, and add-ons. Cards in sleeves will fit into the base game insert.

The last add-on is the Promo box, which contains all rejected stretch goals – Muff, Avrenim, upgraded Enemy tokens and 1 more item from the upcoming last poll. The Promo box will also fit components from other add-ons – wooden tiles, Character set, etc.

All-in is here

We also have a new reward for you – ALL-IN, which includes the base game, stretch goals, wooden tiles, Character set, Playmat, Sleeves, and Promo box – all for 140 Euro. Note that for countries with Friendly shipping you won’t have to pay any additional fees or taxes.Beware – this is a promotional price, and it is only now, during the campaign – after the campaign, the price will increase.

However, please note that Companion cards are not included in the all-in because followers will receive them for free, and those who did not follow will have to purchase them separately.

Stretch pay

Some of you have asked about the stretch pay – all details may be found here:
Please note that stretch pay is limited to the campaign (it won’t be available during the Late Pledge).

Thank you for your support, and stay with us until the end of the campaign.


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