Thorgal: Update #26 – Tree Foot and custom Enemy cards

Hello backers, we are in the last few days of the campaign, and we keep sharing with you awesome news!

Stretch goals

The poll for the miniature is finished – Tree Foot miniature is your character, and therefore in your copy of the game, you will have seven unique playable characters! That is great news! Tree Foot also works differently than the others – instead of one starting Item, he has five Tools that he can use to help other players! He is a fantastic team player, and thanks to his ability, he can act in other players’ turns to provide support! His Skill – Craftsmanship – allows you to get more Tools once old ones are used.

You picked Tree Foot instead of Avrenim, but (once again) – do not worry, we are preparing a separate add-on that will contain all the stretch goals that lost their polls.


What about the insert?

Yes, the game comes with a dedicated plastic insert that stores all components nicely and tightly. The insert will fit all the game components, along with the unlocked stretch goals. The insert will fit sleeved cards. We cannot show you the visualization of it yet, as we didn’t know the final content of the base game (we still have another poll ahead) so the final touches and modifications will be done after the campaign ends and we know the final component list!

New video!

We have another video for Thorgal. This time, our friends from Before You Play recorded a material dedicated to the game. It is in English. You can watch it here:

New Poll

This is unexpected. This is something we haven’t planned. The brand-new Poll was inspired by your comments. You ask in the comments why the Enemy cards are generic, without the artwork depicting who you fight against. Our dev replied and provided reasoning – in each scenario, these decks represent different enemies. Sometimes you fight Guards, in other scenarios, you fight Wolves, in others, you are in the Giants realm and fight mice! There are around 40 cards representing enemies, but in each scenario, they represent someone else.

And then our DTP team said: “I can do these cards dedicated to each scenario.”
“It’s like 400 cards, dude!” I said.
“I will do it. You will publish it as a PDF for free; people who are more into the theme can print them and have fun.”
“Dude, it’s 400 unique cards!” I said again.
“I’ll do it. I’ll do print and play PDF for each enemy.”
And here we are.

Honestly, we have no clue what your perception is on this. Honestly, we haven’t planned it. It’s just a brand-new idea born from the comments. So I figured out we will ask you:

I don’t need it, it’s a waste of your time.
I think free print and play PDF would be really appreciated.

That is all for today – short update, I know, but tomorrow we will have a huge announcement, lots of themes to discuss.

By the way, in 2 days in Poland a new Thorgal comic book (Adieu Aaricia) is released – have you read it already? Maybe in your countries it has been available for a while? What do you think about it?


Learn more about Thorgal: The Board Game here:


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