Thorgal: Update #24 – New Characters are joining Thorgal


Yesterday we announced the French edition of the game – we are happy that many francophone backers decided to buy the game. If you are still hesitating, maybe the next stretch goals and add-ons will convince you.

Character set

Speaking of add-ons, Thorgal’s world is inhabited by many intriguing and ambiguous Characters. In the base game you will find 4 Characters, 2 more were unlocked as stretchgoals, and from now on, you may purchase an additional set of components introducing 3 new Characters known from the comic books.

Tjahzi is one of Thorgal’s oldest friends. They met for the first time, when Tjahzi was sent to find the “metal that doesn’t exist”. Then he appeared in many other comic books from the core series and spinoffs, with the most memorable appearance in “Guardian of the keys”. Tjahzi is a dwarf with a strong connection to magic and he has extraordinary knowledge about this, as well as about other worlds. His starting item is of course his little pick axe.

Petrov is a character from the more recent comic books. When we met him, he was a simple mercenary, but the upcoming events built a strong relation between him and Thorgal. He is an excellent archer, but feels confident also while fighting with an ax or sword. If you want to include a “tank” in your team, Petrov is a good choice, cause he may gain much more Wounds than any other character.

And finally Vigrid, one of the less important Gods of Asgard. He became a friend of Aaricia, when she helped him regain sight, and he visits Thorgals family from time to time. His greatest story arc was included in Wolfcub (Louve) spinoff, where he… Actually maybe we skip the spoilers, let’s just say that he may shapeshift, so sometimes he looks like a young man, sometimes like a bear, and sometimes as a winged horse. In the game he uses his shapeshifting ability to copy Skills of other characters.

The Character set comes with 3 Character boards, 3 Character miniatures and 6 cards – all you need to add Tjahzi, Petrov and Vigrid to your game.

New Enemies

Today’s stretchgoal is a set of 8 additional Enemy cards. They are slightly more difficult to defeat and they are simply shuffled into the corresponding Enemy decks for greater replayability. All together in your GF version of the game you’ll find 40 Enemy cards.

Live gameplay in Polish

Today at 2 PM CEST we have another live gameplay, that time in Polish. If you are interested in taking a look at another scenario, Klaudia, Karol and I, we are going to face pirates in “Hide & Sea” adventure.

Plans for the weekend

Gosia is going to rest for the upcoming 2 days, so we will answer all your questions on Monday, however tomorrow you may expect another update explaining tomorrow’s stretch goal.

That is all for today

Ignacy is absent, but we will come back to explaining the rules next week! Have a nice weekend, get together with friends and play some good board games!


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