Thorgal: Update #22 – Pet companions explained!

Hi there! Another day of the campaign! Since yesterday, you’ve been on an expedition and as part of it, you’re choosing in a poll whether Tjall, another Player Hero, or Muff, a new Ally, will be added to your game copy. There have been a few questions in the campaign comments about how Allies work and how much they change the game, so today I’m happy to talk about that!


At the beginning of the game, such a creature starts the game in the Area of the Last Player. During the game, you may spend Goods to move them to another Area or use their Ability in a given Area. The abilities of creatures are passive, meaning their effect is constantly in the game, they don’t need to be activated. The creatures continuously help us by changing a specific part of the rules.

For example, with Muff, just like in the comic – he is a brave dog that allows us to fight enemies, he is durable, strong, and can survive a lot – and that is his rule. Muff can shield us four times and take the damage that our hero would receive!

With the example of Frigga’s Cat, we can learn more from the Book of Paragraphs – without spending any Gossip tokens, we can learn the rest of the story!

In a small but intriguing way, Pets change the gameplay and I’m sure you’ll always choose one of them to play!

Meet our team

Today it’s time to introduce Rafał Szyma, the person who came up with the story for each of the game’s scenarios. Rafał has been with Portal Games for over 10 years, working here even when our company was focused on writing and publishing role-playing games. He is responsible for a series of add-ons for the Neuroshima RPG game, wrote stories for the Alien Artifact game, and many other games of ours.

He is a big fan of Thorgal. His favorite board game is Go, and his favorite board game from the Portal Games is Cry Havoc.

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See you tomorrow!


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