Thorgal: Update #21 – Invaders are coming!

Hi there, we are already halfway through the campaign, we have unlocked a lot of additional features, and we have published a gameplay video for Thorgal for you. However, honestly, we have no plans to rest on our laurels and slow down. Today, we have another surprise!

Stretch goal

Your reception of the previous Quest was super positive, and we are very happy about it because we have another Quest for you – this time Thorgal must decide whether to go with Tjall to warn a neighboring village of danger or to help Muff rescue Jolan from an unfortunate adventure!

Just like a few days ago, we encourage you to vote in a special survey! Would you prefer us to add another playable character, Tjall, to your game copy, or do you prefer beloved Muff as an Ally?

Voting runs until Thursday!


Is there a chance for gameplay in Polish?

After we published the gameplay video in English, many fans from Poland asked if we would make such content in Polish. I am pleased to inform you that we will! A live stream for fans from Poland is planned for this Friday at 2 pm!

Meet our team

In the next episode of our team presentation, it’s time for Joanna Kijanka, the co-creator of Thorgal: the board game. Joanna was working for Portal Games since 2016 and, over the years, has created a number of fantastic game expansions and games. Her most famous game, created in collaboration with Ignacy Trzewiczek, is “Empires of the North”.Joanna’s favorite comics are those of the saga about the land of Qa.

Privately, Joanna loves euro games; her favorite game from Portal Games is “51st State”, and in addition to board games, Joanna is passionate about Japanese culture.

See you tomorrow

Thank you for today! Please, help us spread the word about the campaign and do not forget to vote!

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