Thorgal: Update #16 – We are funded!

Hello backers,
The first playtest? Around October 2021. It’s been a while. It’s been months of work, dozens of tests, hundreds of hours – everything led to this moment. Today the whole team, with their breath held, watched the rapidly changing numbers, the shifting progress bar – and yes! We got it, and managed to fund the project already in about an hour!

Thank you.

Thank you for being with us since the beginning of this campaign. Thank you for your trust in us. I am happy as I know about all these wonderful stretch goals and other surprises we’ve prepared for you for the upcoming days.

An extraordinary two weeks await us now – we will be here with you every day. We’ll be showing you additional components prepared only for backers, we’ll be answering questions (and we can already see that there are a lot of them, which makes us very happy), and listening to your ideas and suggestions so that when the game hits the shelves, it will meet your expectations.

Please, watch the reviews, play the Table Top Simulator, read the manual, and maybe even reach for the comics – and let yourself be convinced. Thorgal is a truly unique game, with gorgeous illustrations, innovative mechanics, and amazing stories.

Once again, thank you to you who supported the game at 6:00 CET, and 6:15 CET and you from 7:00 CET. It is thanks to you that our dream of this game will become a reality.

Ignacy Trzewiczek and the whole Portal Games team

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We are bookworms. Movie maniacs. Story addicts. We grew up reading Tolkien, Howard, Herbert, Dick, Lem… We were watching Willow, Blade Runner, Never Ending Story, Robin Hood…

And yet, we don’t write books… we don’t make movies. We don’t make those things, because we make games. We make games that tell stories.