Thorgal: Update #10 – Let’s reveal the plot!

You asked us “we like the theme, we like the mechanics, but what about the plot?”, so today we are revealing the plot of the first adventure.

Today’s article was supposed to be about Trade and Exploration. I planned to tell you about two decks and their rules, show you their cards, and explain the mechanics. It was supposed to be another step into the mechanisms of Thorgal: the board game. As you already guessed, it will be different. It will be different because last week, I wrote a column about your expectations and how we all have to face them. I wrote that column and waited for your reaction. It turned out to be super constructive; some of you did not like this update positively, some took it more positively, some congratulated us on the courage to speak openly that Thorgal: the board game will not be liked by everyone, and that it is not standard in the industry to communicate with customers like this. It was an interesting few days, and I thank you for every one of your comments.

What most often appears in the comments, however, is questions about the plot. Many of you write that you understand that Thorgal is a euro-style game and that you appreciate that we are speaking clearly and showing the next elements of the mechanics, but still, you would like to hear at least a little bit about the game’s plot and the stories it tells.

The game has several scenarios. We will write about the plot of each of them during the campaign. The scenarios author, Rafał Szyma, is preparing a series of articles for you in which he talks about the stories he told through our game. But!

But today, instead of another game mechanic article, especially for you, as a thank you for your feedback, we publish the plot and the preparation rules and victory conditions for one of the scenarios – Torkan’s Temple!


Find out more about Thorgal here:

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