The Partisans – short video presentation!

Do you remember that the release of Partisans, the newest army for Neuroshima Hex, will take part on the 27th of November? This army is extraordinary for several reasons – firstly, it is the first army for Neuroshima Hex that is released only in the application as exclusive content. Secondly, it has completely new mechanical solutions, unprecedented in Neuroshima Hex, which, thanks to the capabilities of the application, have been introduced into the game (we will write about them in the next article). Thirdly, the Partisans are unique due to their theme – it is an army ripped straight from the rulebook of the Neuroshima RPG game, an army described on page 276 of the original book describing the world. It is one of those armies for Neuroshima Hex that is 100% inspired by the original, cult classic RPG handbook.

Watch the short video presentation of the new army to the Neuroshima Hex App. Here are the Partisans!

Meet the Neuroshima Hex App on the App Store and Google Play.

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