The new army of Neuroshima Hex App called Vegas is now available on App Store and Google Play

The new army of Neuroshima Hex App called Vegas is now available on App Store and Google Play. Don’t forget to check out the discount 50% off for the entire App.

Vegas is an army of people who grew up gambling. They come from a place less affected by war than other cities, offering a higher standard of living, where money can buy anything. It relies heavily on wealth, machine programming and human manipulation skills rather than heavy weaponry. Vegas army special feature is the ability to control the enemy by means of special units – agitators. They can bribe any adjacent enemy unit to make it attack another unit. When you attack Vegas HQ you can never be certain when your unit stops and turns against you…

Vegas, is the 8th army available in the app, along other asymmetrically playing factions: Moloch, Hegemony, Outpost, Borgo, Steel Police, New York and Smart.

Important: players who bought the previous edition of the mobile app will download Neuroshima Hex Vegas for free.

The Neuroshima Hex app is based on the highly acclaimed tabletop game Neuroshima Hex in which players engage in tense battles set in the post-apocalyptic world. The goal of the game is to destroy enemy HQ by placing troops on the hexagonal game board and triggering their abilities. Each of the 4 factions in the base game (more factions available in the expansions) plays differently, having its own unique set of units with distinct abilities. The order they come to play and their placement on the board make each game play completely different resulting in a high replay value. The tabletop game has already been published in 8 languages and enjoyed by fans all over the world. Throughout the years, Portal Games has been steadily developing the game, which now offers as many as 20 differently playing factions.

Neuroshima Hex mobile app is available for purchase at iOS App and Google Play stores with 50% discount until the end of the week.


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