Solo Campaign and Stadium expansions are now available!

We’re excited to announce that the first two expansions are now available. It’s an excellent opportunity to expand Eleven: Football Manager Board Game with something new!

What do you need to know about Eleven: Stadium?

Stadium is an expansion to Eleven, a strategic game by Thomas Jansen (Club Stories, Tavern, Streetpainball) set in the world of football. The club is developing and the group of fans is growing with it. Their expectations also keep growing, and you can’t let all of them down! You need a huge, modern stadium, preferably with lots of sponsors… The expansion introduces new Board Meeting cards, Sponsor cards, Staff cards and Objective cards, and most of all – Unique Stadium Infrastructure Tokens. Some of them – marked with the “Special” symbol – you will be able to build only at the request of the Board or Sponsor. Stadium is fully compatible with the rest of the Eleven’s expansions.

A powerful lock

If the director is like a king for his club, the stadium plays the role of a castle. Sometimes it is enough to look at the castle to know that this battle will be easy – in the stadium’s case it’s similar. Stadium must be big, full of screaming fans cheering for their team. And it’s good to have some space for sponsors in it. After all, such a fortress will not survive only on ticket money…


As you prepare for the game, shuffle the new Objective, Board Meeting, and Sponsor cards into their decks. Place the new Personnel cards face down next to the Board Meeting deck. Divide the unique Stadium Infrastructure tokens into two groups. Place those marked with the “Special” symbol next to the Board Meeting deck. Next take twice as many of the leftover tokens as there are players and add them to the Resource pool so that they are visible to all players.

Unique chips

All of the new Stadium Infrastructure tokens are unique, meaning that each one appears only once. Those with the “Special” symbol can only be built when instructed by the Board Meeting cards or Sponsor cards. The remaining Unique Stadium Infrastructure tokens have a cost and effect of their own, just like the other Stadium Infrastructure tokens in the base game. Many of these will benefit you when you check your Production on Monday, such as the Youth Training Pitch card.


What do you need to know about Eleven: Solo Campaign?

Solo Campaign is a solo expansion to Eleven, a strategic game by Thomas Jansen (Club Stories, Tavern, Streetpainball) set in the world of football. If you’ve liked the solo mode in the base game, this expansion is perfect for you! In the box you will find 14 scenario sheets for the solo campaign. You’ll start as a manager of a small club so at the end of your career you can win the 1st Division. At the end of each scenario you will count your Victory Points. If you get a lot of VPs, you will get a lot of offers from other clubs, if you’ll get just a few – there will also be less offers. Think twice before making any decision. Staying in your current club will allow you to keep your trusted staff, on the other hand, sometimes changing the environment is worth the risk. The Board Meeting Cards, Objective cards, and Director cards from the Solo Campaign can also be used in the base game and other expansions.

One of the cool things about playing a football manager game on the PC was the career you built. You started at a lower league club, and at the end of the season, you decided to stay for another season or went looking for another club. At the start of your career only the smaller clubs wanted you as a manager, but when you built up your fame and respect, better clubs became interested in you. That is the feeling this solo campaign is trying to accomplish. I hope you enjoy this one!

~Thomas Jansen, author

Hard beginnings

Before Setup, prepare the appropriate Scenario sheet. Your first game is at Brickton FC, then… it depends on your score in each game. Some Scenarios use special cards that are prepared according to the description on the Scenario sheet. These cards are also marked with the corresponding Team Emblem on the back. Some of these cards can give you additional actions that may be performed by fulfilling their requirements.

Gateway to fame

Each scenario has its specific goals. At the end of each game, add up your score and compare it to the Victory Points table at the end of the scenario. Thanks to that you will find out what development options you have. You can change clubs or stay in the current club for a second Season, and both options will have their advantages and disadvantages. Once you’ve successfully finished a Season at one of the top two clubs (Port East or Sheepdale Shire), you’ll have completed the Campaign!



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