SATURDAY READ: two amazing mini-expansions to Imperial Miners!

Along with the premiere of the Imperial Miners, two mini expansions are being released. Both expansions are free gift for players who order the game directly from our website. How do they work? What do they bring? How do they change the game? You will find out from this article!

Progress Boards

Progress Boards are one of the main elements of the game – during the game, players climb the progress track to trigger unique effects and, when they reach the top of the Progress Board, activate special scoring and gain a handful of Victory Points.

In the Imperial Miners box, players will find three double-sided Progress Boards, giving a total of 6 different boards (Alchemy, Diplomacy, Technology, and others).

The first of the mini expansions we designed is the fourth, also double-sided Progress Board. It offers Progress in the fields of Exploration and Bureaucracy.

The first, as the name suggests, is related to exploration and discoveries – as players progress on the track, they draw additional faction cards (Atlanteans, Romans, Japanese, etc.), expanding their hand with more options to expand their mine. At the top of the board, a unique reward awaits – the player receives one card from each deck!

The Bureaucracy Board has two main effects – one allows you to acquire a Cart token. The other allows you to draw cards from specific decks (I, II, or IV!). Similar to the Exploration board, this path strengthens the player’s hand. At its end, a unique bonus awaits – the player can activate all their level I or II cards!

Additional Cards

The second addition is 7 additional cards that players shuffle into the Imperial Miners decks. The expansion includes one card for each faction and one event card!

The Roman Pizzeria offers gold if you position yourself well on the Progress Board. The Scottish Golf Course activates level I cards. The Egyptian Oasis provides Carts with gold, and the Japanese Fresco allows you to draw a level IV card! The Barbarian card, of course, demolishes the card next to it, and the Mechanical Ants of the Atlanteans scatter Machinery tokens onto any cards in your mine.

Insane graphics, new abilities, greater replayability, what more could you want!

The pre-orders are open. Learn more here and grab these two expansions!

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