Robinson Crusoe – Collector’s Edition – Update #7 – we ask you question – the first Poll for backers!

Update #7 – we ask you question – the first Poll for backers!

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We passed 1 million USD! Thank you!
Hi there,
We passed 1 million USD on the campaign today, and this is mind-blowing. I’d like to thank everyone involved in the campaign, my team who prepared the whole project and runs it, and you – fans of the game, who gave the campaign momentum and made it so successful. Thank you.
Book of Adventures group pledge
We saw in the comments that there were many of you who wanted to do a group pledge and order few copies of the Book of Adventures. If you are part of the gaming club or have a bunch of friends who love Robinson and want to order the book anyway, this is indeed an excellent option for you. We listen, we react! Thanks for your feedback!
Upgrade poll
For all owners of old Zman edition we offered low cost board that folds in square shape so it will fit the box if they pledge Veteran reward. Without that the board would not fit the box.
In the comments some owners of the old edition asked us to add also new rulebook, and some also ask for wooden resources. 
Initially, we were skeptical. We believe that if you own ZMan edition of the game, you own it since 2013, most likely you don’t need the rulebook and increasing the cost of the update unnecessary spent of money. We also believe that all backers who prefer fancy resources can go for our Resin resources add-on. 
In other words, we were aiming at the lowest price solution for you. Fix the board issue and don’t add more. 
But your questions pop-up every day, and you ask for these upgrades. We discussed in the company that we will do a poll among backers, which is a fair solution. 
We plan to keep offer as it is (only board for 4 usd), if you agree, vote with hashtag #vote1
If you want the full upgrade pack that consist of board, and rulebook, and wooden resources, vote with hashtag #vote2
Thank you! If you don’t own an old edition or you don’t care, please, don’t vote to influence the results.
We already had stunning components as Daily Unlocks, we also had gameplay bonuses as Daily Unlocks. Now we want to ask you what would you say if today’s Unlock has both? Stunning component and gameplay bonus? Does it sound good?
Today we present you a miniature (along with its card) that represents another companion – the Horse. You can use it instead of the Dog companion or along with it, depending on the difficulty level you want to have.
The Horse companion lets players ignore the distance rules on the Island, and the action that you do with the Horse miniature is resolved as it was taken adjacent to your Camp, even if it was much further away! It is very simple to remember, it is very thematic and it may make a big difference in some of scenarios when you need to travel a lot!
And because we are crazy and we want to surprise you every day, we are adding a set of 10 brand new Gather Action Adventure cards. You can shuffle them into the base set to increase the replayability of the game.
The Horse and 10 new cards will be added for free to Robinson Crusoe: Collector’s Edition and won’t be included in the retail version of the game. Both items will fit into the box.
In today’s Beginner corner, I’d like to invite you to my Top10 things you didn’t know about Robinson Crusoe. I recorded such a video on my vlog today, and in this video, you will find 10 small, unknown facts about the game. I hope you will find it interesting!

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