Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot – Contents

We messed up. No other way to word it. When you look at the contents listed in your rules booklet, you’ll notice that the counts are wrong on the components. What your rulebook says:

Loot tokens:
11 Spices
18 Rum green
16 Fabrics
11 Valuables

Mini Expansion – 1st Loot pack
8 Special loot tokens
8 Special loot cards

As many have noticed, those numbers are wrong. The actual numbers are below.

Loot tokens:
10 Spices – red tokens.
18 Rum – green tokens.
18 Fabrics – blue tokens.
10 Valuables – yellow tokens.

The mini expansion actually comes with 8 tokens and only 5 cards. Some of the tokens use the same card, therefore, it is unnecessary to have a card for each token.

Lastly, there is some confusion over the number of sailors included. You should have 27 regular Sailor cards plus 6 new sailor cards from the mini-expansion “1st Crew Pack”.


We are so sorry for the confusion. Have fun gaming!


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