Portal Games Unveils Exciting Release Schedule for First Half of 2024

January 20, 2024 – Portal Games is thrilled to announce its release schedule for the first half of 2024 including brand new titles and classics in the entirely new version!

Printing Press

Dive into the vibrant legacy of Gutenberg with its spirited successor, the Printing Press board game! The game invites you to master the art of Renaissance publishing, where careful planning and craft are crucial for success. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of 16th century publishing as you compete against your fellow players to create the most prestigious print shop of the Renaissance era.

Printing Press hits shelves on March 20th, with pre-orders opening on January 20th from Portal Games website.

Click here to pre-order Printing Press

Robinson Crusoe: Collectors Edition and Book of Adventures

May is a special month for Robinson Crusoe fans. Portal Games is happy to announce the retail release of Robinson Crusoe: Collector’s Edition – a beautifully crafted version of Portal Games’ evergreen.

The Gamefound campaign concluded in 2021 with over $2.5 mln raised. English language backers receive their copies in Q1, and in May the retail version reaches the distribution level.

Additionally, the Robinson Crusoe: Book of Adventure expansion will debut, offering new challenges and stories to the classic survival game. The expansion includes over 50 scenarios for the base game of Robinson Crusoe! The expansion is also scheduled for May 2024.

Thorgal: The Board Game

Fans of the legendary comic series can rejoice as Thorgal: The Board Game is slated for a June release. Immerse yourself in the rich, narrative-driven world of Thorgal and embark on epic adventures.

The highly successful Gamefound campaign concluded in 2023. Backers will receive their copies in Q2, and soon after the retail version reaches the distribution level.

AI Space Puzzle

AI Space Puzzle is a deductive cooperative game in which you play as people evacuated from Earth on spaceships and as the onboard artificial intelligence (AI). Its task is to help passengers during this difficult journey. Unfortunately, it has also partially malfunctioned. Your task will be to create an effective communication system between the ship’s crew and AI during the journey to a new home. There are dozens of scenarios with increasing levels of difficulty waiting for you. Each one contains new challenges that you must overcome to survive!

The special launch event will be held at Gen Con 2024, offering an exclusive first look. The game releases for retail in August.

Imperial Miners Expansion

Building on the success of Imperial Miners, Portal Games proudly announces its first expansion. This expansion introduces two enthralling new factions – the Aztecs and the Transylvanians. Each faction brings unique gameplay elements and strategies, enriching the Imperial Miners universe. 

“It’s been a joy to see Imperial Miners land with audiences and find a place on so many game tables,” said Tim Armstrong, designer of the game. “I’m thrilled that we get the opportunity to expand the Imperial Miners universe with two new factions. The Aztec and Transylvanians each bring their charm and unique strategies to the game, and I can’t wait to share them with you later this year.”

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