Portal Games Digital announces Tides of Time app release date!

New Portal Games Digital App is coming soon to iOS & Android!

Portal Games Digital is proud to announce today the release date for the Tides of Time mobile game. It will be released on both Android and iOS in March 2019.

Tides of Time combines the ease of play of a microgame with the strategic depth of the set collection and drafting for a unique two-player experience. The players are dealt a hand of 5 cards and draft one card at a time, passing their hands between them after each selection. Each card has a suit as well as a unique scoring rule that may score the player points based on the suits of cards drafted. At the end of each round, the players select one card to keep in their kingdom for future rounds as a Relic of the Past.

Tides of Time was created by Kristian Čurla, and developed by Michał Walczak (Cry Havoc). The game was illustrated by Tomasz Jedruszek, Chris Ostrowski, Dan Pellow, Blake Rottinger, Artur Sadlos, and Rafał Szyma.

Tides of Time was nominated for the 2015 Golden Geek in the Best Card Game and the Best 2-Player Board Game categories.

Now the game is coming to your mobile device:

  • play against an AI opponent or against your friend in the Hot Seat mode
  • explore the achievement system and master the game
  • learn the rules in the Tutorial mode
  • play in English or Polish

Expect more details about Tides of Time release at Gama Trade Show, March 11-15.

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