New structures in Cry Havoc: Aftermath

In this article, we’d like to present you what type of Structures you’ll find in the Aftermath expansion and how they change the game. What new powers and abilities we prepared for your beloved factions and how they influence the gameplay! Let’s start!


Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Trog Structures

Trogs have those precious Regions in the center of the board and they want to defend them, right? That’s why we gave them SWAMP FIELDS structure that changes regular terrain into swamps that slow every enemy unit. Now entering the region cost additional Move point. A small thing, but might be very handy.



Especially, that we let Trogs use MINE to get more Crystals and change those rich regions into insane rich regions. Build a circle of swamps, mine Crystals, that’s pretty awesome plan, huh?




Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Trog Structures

But the best we saved for the end – CAMOUFLAGE PLAN structure. It let you add 3 face down tokens (one for each battle objective) and deceive enemy forces. One of these tokens is worth +1 Unit. Which one? Can you outsmart opponents? We bet you can.



Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Human Structures

Marines got their new toys as well. CHOPPA structure lets them move their units between Battle regions. That’s huge. That’s you removing forces from the battle that is not important and you send them all to the one that is crucial in this round. That’s flexibility that matters. That’s flexibility that will piss off your opponents.



Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Human Structures

But that is just beginning – we have more in store. ARMORED SHUTTLE allows you to move up to 3 Units to a distance of 2 regions and you can move through Battle regions or regions with other units. You just pack your soldiers into a shuttle, you press Go! and you move no matter who or what is on your way. No more stupid ‘1 unit obstacles’ on your path.



Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Human Structures

And speaking of obstacles… U-NAPALM is a structure that just removes stuff. You dump it in any adjacent Region and next round 2 Units are removed from the area. Nice and smooth. Insane flexibility and some napalm. How cool is that?




Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Pilgrims Structures

Our aliens got some new tricks as well. Let’s start with HIVE MIND. It let you use any Pilgrim skill. Any means any. The one in the box, you removed from the game? Yes, that one too. With Hive mind Pilgrims get access to all 10 skills in the game (5 from the base game and 5 from Aftermath expansion) and with that ability, they can do real magic. Your imagination limits you to create the most insane combos.



Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Pilgrims Structures

The next structure helps you with turtling because we heard Pilgrims like turtles. INFUSION REACTOR allows them to remove 1 Crystal from the Region and treat each Pilgrim Unit as 2 Units in the Battle resolution. They really can defend rich in Crystals Regions!



And last but not least, TURBO HARVESTER. The super tricky structure that generates first 1 crystal, then 2 crystals, then 3 crystals, then 4 crystals… Then your opponents probably flip the table… In the Aftermath expansion we gave Pilgrims a huge tool for creating combos with access to every Skill card, and then we gave them some defending and some generating Crystals abilities. Have fun with new toys!



Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Machines Structures

Let’s start with PSYCHO-CHAMBER, because it is dreadful and because it changes the way Machines operate. Instead of killing everybody in your sight, you’ll take prisoners, plug all the crazy wires in their heads and do some mean things, scoring each prisoner. Get 3 prisoners, build three Psycho-chambers, activate it three times in a round…. Got the picture?



Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Machines Structures

We heard you want to move faster. We don’t you build TRANSPORTER and move any number of your Units from this Region? Suddenly the Machines can move, and they move paying with their beloved resource – Wrenches!



Cry Havoc: Aftermath - New Machines Structures

We added some new system to each machine and with AUTODESTRUCTION Structure you are no longer loosing your precious machines. No stupid Human or Pilgrim can put their units on Prisoner objective. It combo nicely with Psycho-chamber too…



We also added three neutral structures – any Faction can build them. They are simple, straightforward and they give you another choice when it comes up to building stuff. PROPAGANDA STATION scores you 1 Victory Point each time you activate it. GEOLOGICAL SCANNING CENTER adds 1 Crystal into two Regions, AI SERVERS allows you to draw 1 card. These are legit and interesting options, huh?


All together in Aftermath expansion, we packed 15 new structures, new abilities that change the game, give you new ways to play and new ideas for strategies. It’s an effect of many months of play-testing and brainstorming. And hell, we are proud of the effect here at Portal Games HQ. Have a great time with the expansion!

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