Neuroshima Hex: Merchant’s Guild – we announce a brand new army!

We are happy to announce that the 17th army for Neuroshima Hex will be the Merchant’s Guild.

The faction introduces a new way of looking at the token draw – from now on, instead of choosing the worst chip to discard, the player must decide which chip will allow him to make the best use of the unique currency – gamble! The release is planned for Moloch’s Day – September 5, 2023.

Army description

No one took the Merchants Guild seriously because what’s a force without territory, without flags, without a fleet of shouting gangsters in pimped-up cars? And yet – when another itinerant trader disappears without a trace and goods, it turns out that gamblers and colleagues are behind him. And these colleagues, with the help of gambles, can organize a fleet that, under their flag, takes and enters the territory with an educational mission. You won’t believe how quickly people pick up on the science of the power of gambles.

In the Neuroshima universe, the Merchant’s Guild first appeared as a playable faction in the 51st State.

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