Neuroshima Hex: Beasts – Agony

Agony is a special Initiative exclusive for the newest Army, that is resolved when a Warrior gets enough Wounds that it would be removed. If Agony is activated during the same Initiative in which the Warrior normally attacks, it only attacks once (The Initiatives do not stack and the Agony Initiative is ignored). The Agony Initiative only activates if the Warrior is removed in Battle, during an Initiative phase. It does not activate before or after an Initiative phase. If removed outside of Battle by an Instant or Foundation tile, it does not activate. There is a chance that one Agony Initiative will activate the Agony Initiative of a different Warrior, causing a chain of Agony Initiatives to resolve.

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  1. Jordan 2021-10-03 | Reply

    So I can’t seem to find the faq following the url in the beasts instructions, the flying ability from Vulture, how does that work with Mephisto? The quills don’t specify if they count as a ranged attack and it appears to just be indestructible in the matchup.

    • Jordan, again 2021-10-03 | Reply

      I should also note in the rules as written it’s unclear if hq’s can hit Mephisto in retaliation and with the rules in the Moloch edition it can’t hit hq’s. although I know that’s unintended

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