Neuroshima Hex App

Portal Games is proud to announce the Neuroshima HEX! mobile app, coming to the iOS App Store and Google Play store in September 2021.

The app is based on the highly acclaimed game Neuroshima Hex! in which players engage in tense battles set in a post-apocalyptic world. The goal of the game is to destroy your enemy’s HQ by placing troops on the hexagonal game board and triggering their abilities. All Factions have their own unique units with distinct mechanics. The order in which units come into play and their placement on the board make each game completely different, resulting in high replay value.

This is Portal Games’s second app for Neuroshima Hex! The first app, released in 2010, garnered rave reviews and was one of the first board game based apps in the iOS App Store, along with the Small World app.

The new Neuroshima HEX! app is completely redesigned and offers improved AI, a solo mode with 3 difficulty levels, and cross platform online gameplay allowing you to play against friends or random opponents regardless of their smartphone’s operating system (Android or iOS).

The new Neuroshima HEX! app initially offers 4 Factions known from the base game: Moloch, Hegemony, Outpost, and Borgo. Other Factions introduced by the expansions will be added in future updates and will unlock automatically, free of charge, to players who purchased them for the original Neuroshima Hex! app.

The Neuroshima HEX! mobile app will be available for purchase at iOS App Store and Google Play store in September 2021. Players who bought the previous edition of the mobile app will be able to download it for free.


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