Monolith Arena Strategy & Tactics – Unfolding the Dragon Empire

We’ve gone through each Faction in Monolith Arena, discussing their strengths, and tactics to make the best use of their unique aspects.

However, we’ve never tackled the Monolith aspect itself. Setting up the Monolith at the start of the game is crucial, but what should we choose? What tile combinations could work the best for us? When to unfold them? How can a good setup bring us closer to the win? Let’ go through a few options that we encourage you to try with the Dragon Empire.

Area Control (Pickmen x2)

If you want to cover many spaces at once, you should consider going with two copies of Pickmen inside your Monolith. They cover up to 4 sides, and if rotated correctly they can build a sharp wall, or even spread aside taking out many enemy tiles at once, especially with Empire’s banner special Feature. With Pickmen out of the rotation, you’ve increased the chances to draw helpful and deadly charge champions. However, keep in mind that if you unfold too soon and lose them, the rest of the game might be quite challenging.

Heavy Stomp (Knight x1, Dragon Rider x1)

With this combination, you can deal much damage in a short burst; all you have to do is keep your Monolith near the enemy’s Monolith and wait for the Battle Order tile. Once you get it, you can unfold it and direct the attack of Knight and Dragon Rider into their banner to deal seven damage at once! With a high chance that your Knight survives it. The downfall of this tactic is that you have to sacrifice Dragon Rider for this and wait until next unfolding even to try and fill up again the empty segment. However, it has great potential, because if you can poke your enemy banner down to that threshold without unfolding once, you can surprise your enemy and blow the final strike.

Quick Charge (Knight x1, Rune of Charge x1)

If you go with this combination, you have access early access to powerful charge combo, and you’re not dependent on the luck of the draw when it comes to the rune. You can start charging and poking your enemies with Knight while keeping in mind when unfolding to leave enough space for him to move and attack without breaking the connection of the Monolith. The monolith segment always goes with a Knight when charging so place it one space away from your target. Also, you want to keep a rune in a safe spot. You don’t want to lose it too fast. The problem with this tactic that you have to keep in mind is the fact that if you can place Rune of Charge from the beginning, you increase the chance of your enemy drawing any order like Fire Concoction or Precise Shot to take it out.

Let us know which tiles do you prefer to place inside the Monolith when you prepare for a game with the Dragon Empire.

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