In what game are you unbeatable? – Asking Fans

A week ago we have asked you, in what game are you unbeatable? Do we have an ultimate master among our fans? Check out your stories (original spelling):

  • Luka wrote: I’m unbeatable at Lewis & Clark but that is because in my small city I can just play against my family and they don’t really focus on getting cards because in most games some cards aren’t very important (we play games like 7 Wonders, Lords of Waterdeep, Blood Rage, Viticulture, Scythe). So when we play I don’t have any problem getting the best cards for me :p (those that let me move cheaper on river or mountain). Right now I’m on a game online of Lewis & Clark, there I can see if my strategy work against more experienced players
  • Louis wrote: I’m unbeatable at losing. I’ve perfected this skill thru many years of terrible dice rolling and making bad decisions at the worst moment….
  • Beatrix wrote: There is no board game were I am unbeatable in, but there are some were I’m winning most of the time, e.g. the (old) 51st State.
  • Jason wrote: I have around an 80% win rate at Scythe. For some reason, the mechanisms just click for me and I’m a machine!
  • Chris wrote: I have a really good win rate with deck builders of all kinds. When luck is minimal and strategy is key, I tend to shine.
  • Camille wrote: None… Actually, I was having a good winning streak as Mina Harker in Fury of Dracula, until the last time when Clifford A. Parmeter ran out the clock!


Thank you for all of your responses!


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