GenCon 2017 Quiz&Contest results!

We have asked you three questions about our GenCon past. And you have delivered a lot of answers. Some were correct, others not so much. First, let’s see, which answers were correct:

Question #1:
How many times Portal Games have attended GenCon?
The right answer is three – in 2014, 2015 and 2016. However we also accepted answer four, if 2017 attendance was included. Some of you included also 2013, but back then there wasn’t official Portal Games booth – it was Ignacy’s scouting trip and doesn’t count as Portal Games attendance.

Question #2:
In 2014 Portal Games released Imperial Settlers on Gen Con. It was a huge success. We sold all of our copies much faster, than we anticipated. Exactly how fast we went out of stock?
a) 28 seconds
b) 28 minutes
c) 28 hours

Comment: You would need a horde of zombies to get rid of a full stock in less than half a minute, and 28 hours are almost two GenCon days – not particularly impressive to sold out in that time.

Question #3
What is a name of Portal Games USA liaison?
a) Chevee
b) Eevee
c) Ted

Comment: Eevee is a #133 of Kanto Pokédex Pokémon and Ted is, well, Ted. Either someone, who took too long to tell his kids, how he met their mother, or some bear with attitude.

All of you, who sent us correct answers were included in a random lottery to select a winner of special prize – awesome, limited, not yet available anywhere Neuroshima HEX mug!

And the winner is… drum roll… Jeff P.! We will send you an e-mail with details.

In fact all other contestants will receive an e-mail with details about the contest and their consolation prize. Just make sure, to visit our booth at GenCon!

Thank you all very much for taking part in our contest! Stay tuned and see you in Indianapolis!


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