Exclusive look into old Robinson Crusoe prototype!

This week we are celebrating the release of Dized for Robinson Crusoe! It is a free app with a brilliant tutorial for Robinson! To put you in the right mood, today we take you for Throwback Journey and show you photos of the early prototype of Robinson Crusoe! We hope you will enjoy this adventure!

Early-stage, with the exclamation die that was responsible for bad events! 🙂 As you can see, 2 snow clouds were here from the very beginning!

Can you spot what changed on these tiles in the final version?

In early-stage movement between tiles was inspired by Tikal from Wolfgang Kramer – there were steps between tiles to represent how difficult it is to go there.

First Inventions!

Character boards with spots for two starting Inventions, some mysterious re-roll icon and track of wounds and morale in the left!

Two scenarios, early draft, Cannibals and Jenny. Can you deduct the differences between this and the final ones?

Here are the Dized content links again:
● Robinson Crusoe Tutorial on Web (for computers)
● Robinson Crusoe Rules on Web (all devices)
● Dized App for iOS (for Mobile Devices)
● Dized App for Android (for Mobile Devices)


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