Exciting Updates from Portal Games!

Exciting Updates from Portal Games!

Thorgal: The Board Game: Production is well underway, with the US release set for June following the delivery to our backers.

Expansion for Imperial Miners: Currently in production, the expansion will be released in the US and EU during Essen Spiel.

Imperial Miners Editions: We’re thrilled to announce that editions for Brazil, Serbia, and Hungary have been accepted and are in production.

New Army for NS HEX: Our latest addition to NS HEX is working brilliantly! Stay tuned as we unveil and present it in the first week of May.

AI Space Puzzle: Production is progressing smoothly, with a planned release in August and a pre-release event at Gen Con.

Robinson Crusoe EN: Most copies have been delivered from our Polish HUB, with the remaining ones expected to be delivered in March from other HUBS.

Robinson Crusoe: Book of Adventures: Similar to Robinson Crusoe EN, we’re making steady progress with deliveries.

For our international customers, production for other languages is on track and will be completed by the end of the month.

That’s a ton of good news! Thank you for being awesome!

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