Exciting News for Robinson Crusoe Fans: Companion App Launches with Three Expansions!

A long awaited a companion app has finally been released! The app introduces hundreds of new cards and features designed to further immerse players into the world of Robinson Crusoe.

Robinson Crusoe companion app serves as a valuable tool for beginners, guiding them through each phase of the game and offering helpful reminders of crucial rules along the way. You can play with tutorial mode on or off.

The highlight of the Robinson Crusoe companion app is its extensive collection of additional cards (330 new event and adventure cards!). New cards are presented in the form of booster packs, available for purchase within the platform (Loury Totems is offered for free!). These booster packs contain 110 cards each, are all connected by theme and story of the booster pack and they add a new level of theme into the game.

Explore the Expansions:

Pirate’s Map: Unravel the mysteries of an ancient scroll and embark on a treasure hunt like never before. Beware of traps and cunning pirates as you decipher the cryptic symbols and uncover hidden riches. Cards in this booster pack are all about pirates searching the Island!

Rotten Wounds: Experience the darker side of survival as the island succumbs to a mysterious infection. Navigate through rotting landscapes and fend off mutated beasts while struggling to heal your own festering wounds. 110 new cards in this expansion are all about the zombies! The expansions introduces new tweak in the rules – you may become a zombie!

Loury Totems: Discover the secrets of the island’s ancient inhabitants as you encounter enigmatic ritual totems. But beware – meddling with these ancient constructions may invite unforeseen consequences and perilous accidents. 110 new cards interact with the Totem icon on the Island tiles! The ritual happens. How it will change you game of Robinson Crusoe?

Download the app today and prepare to rewrite the story of Robinson Crusoe!

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PortalGames.RobinsonApp
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/robinson-crusoe-companion-app/id6468989240

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