Essen Spiel ’22 Preview – Empires of the North: Wrath of the Lighthouse

Essen Spiel ’22 is coming so today we want to present to you Empires of the North: Wrath of the Lighthouse. The expansion introduces a series of Scenarios combined into a cohesive Campaign.

Become the emperor’s right-hand and try to rebuild the magnificent Temple in time. On your way will stand a mysterious order with the Lighthouse symbol… Each of the 15 scenarios has two possible endings. If you manage to score the required number of points and complete all the set objectives, you will win the scenario and start the next one. After losing a scenario, you can also continue the game, but be careful: if you lose three scenarios in a row, you will fail the entire campaign… Wrath of the Lighthouse is compatible with other expansions (except the Saikoro Clan and the Urvarta Clan), so you will be able to complete the campaign multiple times, each time playing as a different Clan.

We proudly present this year’s new product line-up for the international board game fair Essen Spiel in October 2022. Two new games and seven expansions will be available at booth 3-O118 and are now ready for pre-order with the pick-up Essen option and regular parcel delivery.

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