Empire of the North: Wrath of the Lighthouse – video presentation

Wrath of the Lighthouse Campaign consists of 15 Scenarios and each of them is divided into paragraphs. When preparing your game, choose your Clan first. Remember: the selected Clan must be used for the entire Campaign, so choose wisely! Next open the Scenario Book on the Neglected County Scenario and set up all the items according to the base game rulebook and the Scenario Setup Changes. Now you are ready to play!

If you want to see more, we encourage you to watch the video below:

PRE-ORDER BONUS: Workers in training & card sleeves

During the setup, place the 4 Workers in Training tiles in the middle of the game Area. On their turn, as an action, a player may assign 2 workers to one of the tiles and then place that tile in their Empire. During the Cleanup phase, players return 1 worker to their supply.

The expansion is available in American and European stores.


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