Empire of the North: Wrath of the Lighthouse – Game Design Journal

Wrath of the Lighthouse campaign expansion introduces brand new mechanisms into the world of Empires of the North.

In the very first scenario of the campaign, players already discover a brand new type of card: double-sided Locations. These cards stay with a player over the whole game. They have a standard action on them, but there is also a Reaction rule. If, during any scenario, the player manages to trigger the reaction, the card is upgraded – the player flips it to the other side and starts each next game with the better side.

Some scenarios have a particular area for the player to interact with. The scenario sheet becomes a board, crowded over time with workers (on the shore), fishes (on the ships), and more!

Many scenarios use a brand new type of card – a Sea Event. Each time a player takes a Sail action, they draw a Sea Event card. There are positive and negative cards in the deck, so you never know what will happen. What is more, depending on player score and choices during the game, the Event deck changes, some cards are added, some are removed!

These are just a few examples of many exciting elements the expansion introduces. In the box, you will find 15 unique scenarios. The whole campaign takes 12 scenarios to finish and depending on your choices, you can achieve it by finishing different scenarios.

The expansion pre-releases this year at Essen Spiel and will be available in your FLGS on the 20th of October.



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