EMPIRE OF THE NORTH – 6 clans presentation – Panuk

During the works on Inuit clans, we took two different paths. Panuk clan aims for a steady development of their lands, while Nanurjuk exploits newly explored grounds to eventually abandon them and use other terrains. Panuk clan is the closest to standard Settlers; this clan is based on gaining points for specific card types, while Nanurjuk bets on a constant change of their Empire.

Panuk clan often activates the Exploration action – they draft cards from their deck to get the missing parts of the puzzle. The deck is based on the three basic card groups.
The first one is a basic set of thematically linked locations. They build the basic engine of the deck and group into sets according to set collection mechanics. There are four different types we can collect.

The other group are cards with Igloo type; their abilities can strengthen collected sets. Every location with Igloo is a Feature type card, which gives you bonuses during the game. The third group are cards with Crossroad type. They allow you to gain points for certain Resources and, what’s most important, they give you Building Bonus, which will get you Points for building cards of specific type!


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