Detective: Season One and Natural Causes–we prepared a surprise

Detective: Season One consists of three amazing stand-alone Cases: Natural Causes, Blood, Ink and Tears and Solid Alibi. Last year one of these CasesNatural Causes, was offered for free for our fans for a short window as a promotional item for the upcoming products. More than 200 players from all around the world played it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We are happy to inform you that Portal Games has a nice surprise for each player who played Natural Causes in that promotional window and helped us spread the word about Detective. On August 3rd each of these players will receive a special Thank you email with a unique offer to purchase Detective: Season One directly from Portal Games.

We appreciate your support for Detective. Thank you for playing it!  

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  1. dawn 2020-07-16 | Reply

    i have a phisical copy of natural causes and played it (i enjoyed it). but i also have orderd a pre-order copy of Season One, During portal con. mabee i wil get the suprice. mabe not. wll see. thx for the amazing game.

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