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Hi there, Investigators!

We welcome you to the Antares National Investigation Agency training program. If you would be so kind and join us at:, you would learn all about becoming the real Detective. But please, do not waste your time, as we have only 1000 vacancies, and great promo goodies, that we would like to share!

And if you don’t need any more encouragement, you can go directly to our Online Portal Games Shop and purchase a pre-order copy of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game with all (including not yet revealed) bonuses.

Have a great day!

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  1. Stijn Hommes 2018-08-18 | Reply

    It looks like I missed the opportunity to pre-order. The link is not working. Do you have enough copies available?
    Also, will I be able to pre-order for an Essen 2018 pickup?

    • Portal Games 2018-08-20 | Reply

      The pre-orders ended in July. The game will later be available in our Portal Games Online shop. There should be an Essen pickup option in the future.

  2. Joe 2018-05-28 | Reply

    I’m curious…does the sixth player tile mean that you can play with six players? Or is it just another options to use when selecting characters for five players or less?

    • Portal Games 2018-05-28 | Reply

      In short – that sixth character tile give you more option when forming your team of investigators. We do not recommend playing with more than 5 players, as the experience stars to get chaotic and loud, but if you really want to, you can definitely try playing that way. However you should still use only five character tiles, as the rules of the game are balanced that way.

  3. Joe 2018-05-27 | Reply

    So does the sixth character tile mean you would be able to play with six players?

  4. Carlos 2018-05-18 | Reply

    This looks like a lot of fun and I’m planning to pre-order!. How does the replay-ability work? Choose different characters? Maximize score? Also are there more cases planned for over time?


    • Portal Games 2018-05-21 | Reply

      Yes, we have planned one-shots and small campaign. The replay-ability is low, but you can play as a narrator and game master for another group, or mix things by playing with different players, different characters, and try to maximize the score. And if you lose a case, you have an option to move forward or replay it in order to win.

  5. Andrea 2018-05-09 | Reply

    I really looking forward to this experience… but it is not clear the estimated time of delivery of the game: You mentioned in the YouTube Video that the pre-orders will be sent one month before the general release but you haven’t revealed the release date! Can you give at least a rough street date?

    • Portal Games 2018-05-11 | Reply

      Your order will be shipped in July, before the official release of the game. The release date is at GenCon 2018 (August 2-5).

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