Cry Havoc: Aftermath Review by Board Game Quest

I remember Cry Havoc being one of the hot games releasing at Gencon 2016. This asymmetric, area control game did not disappoint me or many others. Unfortunately, my Cry Havoc stayed on my shelf through most of 2017 because of new games releasing and any game, even the great ones, can get lost in this gaming renaissance we’re currently in. It was not until Essen 2017 that Portal Games released Cry Havoc: Aftermath, the first expansion.

Let’s take a look at what Aftermath adds to the base game and if it’s worth adding to your gaming collection.

Expansion Overview:

The Aftermath expansion increases options for each warring faction. You don’t have to use all the new additions, but a few will include new setup and/or play rules.

Each faction gains new skill cards (default and non-default) and new structures giving more options beyond the base game. Plus there are new terrain tactics cards to be shuffled in with the base game decks. No big base rules changes with these additions.

The base game rule changes do come with the following Aftermath additions:

  • Universal Structures: Can be used and built by any faction, but Region tokens are placed for these and if an opponent takes control of that region, they then gain the use of that structure.
  • Leader Boards: These two sided boards replaces the base faction board and grant each faction a special ability.
  • New Scoring cards: The game now always lasts 5 rounds and includes an Event each turn. Players will reveal an event token and resolve it. At times, an Event token will instruct players to draw a Scoring Card to draw and resolve.

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