CONTEST: What’s In a Name – Winners!

All last month we ran a contest to guess the name of the next Empire Pack for Imperial Settlers. We only shared with you a teaser image from the front of the box and a few small hints… one of those hints was that more hints would be coming from popular media channels. Many of our friends from around the Internet chipped in to help us out so a big thank you to all of them!

You guys came through for us as we received dozens of entries. You may this job so exciting for all of us and we are truly appreciative of everyone that emailed us. Enough about that, let’s show you the box front!


That’s right, one of our childhood favorites has made it’s mark on the world of Imperial Settlers


The Winners

Sadly, only a few of you could win, and we had to pick just three from all the correct entries. So, a big congratulations to:

Mario Cravinhos (from Brasil!!!)
Krisztian Posch
Darren Broad


Thanks again to all our podcasting and vidcasting helpers!

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