ARTICLE: Spotlight on – My Happy Farm

EN_myhappyfarm_box3d_BIGAt the start of a game of My Happy Farm, your animals are sad. They are hungry! You need to plant crops, harvest them, and then feed your livestock. This makes your animals happy, and happy animals will win you the game!

My Happy Farm is a game of planning. Each turn, you will be able to plant crops, harvest them, feed your animals, or buy new crops. The tricky part, however, is that you can only do two things each turn… also, if you don’t harvest your crops before winter, they are lost. My Happy Farm is a perfect game for young children to learn planning in a fun, family setting. As gamers, this is the game we’ve been looking for. A tight, euro-style game that our children love, and we enjoy playing with them. We encourage you to give My Happy Farm a look, even if you don’t have children. You may find that you actually enjoy making your farm happy!


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