All you need to know about Eleven: International Cup

So you did well as a manager. You managed to bring your club to the national top. Are you ready to go international? Play 2 games a week? Now is your chance to prove it.

The international cup is one of my personal favorite expansions. Besides the usual league matches, you now play international matches as well. You need to have a fit selection of players to survive the season. You probably need more players as well.

Since I’m a fan of a club that never plays European matches, this is new for me. My team always plays in between the second and the first division. I can’t stand it when they win against a bigger club, and the opponent manager complains about their busy schedule being the cause of the loss. Why can’t they just admit they were the weaker team today?

But after playing this expansion, I understand. A little.

When you play ‘the international cup expansion’, the first 2 weeks of the season are the same as in a normal game of Eleven. But in the following weeks, you play midweek matches on Wednesdays as well. You play in an elimination tournament. There are 42 new opponent cards to discover, so the tournament will be a real adventure. But one mistake and you’re out. That’s how it works.

Opponent- and player markers are placed on the tournament board. Each week, the markers of the eliminated clubs are removed and the winners move on to the next round.
It’s also possible you will face one of your fellow players in the tournament. How cool is it to kick your friend out? It probably feels like winning a derby.

You still need to pay those fitness markers, so look for a way to keep your team fit. When you are out of the tournament early, You don’t have to worry about that anymore and may want to put everything on the national league. But of course, you want fame and respect, and most of all: Victory points.

Sometimes a match isn’t finished in 90 minutes. A penalty shootout will take place. Of course, your team will suffer more fitness.

In this expansion, you need to deal with the dilemmas of the big managers. Which players shall I put in the starting line-up for the cup? Shall I rest one of my top players? Is it worth the risk?

If you reach the finals of the cup, you will play against a powerful opponent. There are special finale opponent cards. So no monster to fight in the final battle, but a world-class football team. Good luck!

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