All bonuses of the Vienna Connection pre-order campaign revealed! Order your copy by tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day to get your copy of Vienna Connection game in pre-order campaign. 

Vienna Connection is our latest game in the Detective line. It’s a fully independent title for 1-5 players, where you command a team of CIA agents during the Cold War conducting secret missions in various European cities. Why pre-order up to February 9th? You will get all of the 13 bonuses below.

  • Reveal #1 – Political map of Europe (420 x 594 mm): for you to decorate your games room and help you understand more about the various political forces involved in the story.
  • Reveal #2 – 10 custom wooden pieces: to replace the basic wooden ones from the game.
  • Reveal #3 – Game Design Video: meet designer Ignacy Trzewiczek and learn more about the game from this exclusive 30 minutes video.
  • Reveal #4 – Cold War for Dummies: a brochure to better understand the setting of the game and get more from the experience while playing.
  • Reveal #5 – Watch It Played: we are happy to announce that you can skip the rulebook and learn how to play the game, thanks to the dedicated tutorial video.
  • Reveal #6 – Game Designer Journal: read the stories and anecdotes from the design process of the game in this unique PDF booklet.
  • Reveal #7 – Laptop and mobile stickers: so you can show your friends that you are a CIA agent!
  • Reveal #8 – Four secret envelopes with postcards from Europe: start each mission by opening a secret envelope and reveal photos and postcards from the city in which the mission takes place! Immerse yourself in the setting with photos from the Cold War era!
  • Reveal #9 – Dedicated cardboard file folder: to help you store all the files you find and have access to throughout the game!
  • Reveal #10 – Live stream meet up with designers of the game: meet the team that created the game and ask them questions.
  • Reveal #11 – 5 custom wooden pieces for $: upgrade your copy with 5 wooden tokens to replace the basic wooden ones from the game.
  • Reveal #12 – Even more background!: get a special brochure with additional background information about some of the facts and events presented on different cards in the game!
  • Reveal #13 – Certificate!: get the official numbered certificate to show that you supported the preorder campaign.

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