Vienna Connection pre-order campaign and Brexit!

Due to Brexit, shipping from Poland to the UK is impossible right now. Portal Games is in the process of securing all paperwork to make it possible. The process is long, costly, and very bureaucratic. As for now, we have doubts if it is sorted before the end of the pre-order campaign for Vienna Connection.

UPDATE: February 5th: This also applies to 51st State Master Set: Moloch pre-orders!

Portal Games is proud to have a fantastic fan base in the UK. Our fans provided Ignacy Trzewiczek, CEO of the company, with cookies during every UK Games Expo we attended. Ignacy appreciates this a lot. We will not leave our fans behind for such a stupid reason as Brexit.

If you want to pre-order Vienna Connection, please send us an email to uk(at) and put yourself on a waiting list. We will secure your copy. As soon as shipping to the UK is sorted out, we will reach you and help you make the order and finish the pre-order.

We appreciate you and your support over the years. You won’t miss the pre-order, Brexit is not a big enough reason to stop us.

Portal Games Team


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