Alien Artifacts set up rules discussed

Operational cards in the set up!

Today we’d like to talk about Alien Artifacts and answer one of the most common question we read on the forums – let’s talk about operational cards and the set up phase.

As you guys know, operational cards, when built, immediately act – ships attack, techs score points and planets generate resources. Many of you ask if this happens also in the set up phase, when you start the game with operational card in your Empire.

No, it is not.

I am sorry. It’s a set up phase. You don’t attack in set up, or score points or whatever you wish you could do. Hold your horses. It’s just the set up phase, huh?

Even though they don’t act, these cards make you already better prepared for your future actions. They are ready for you to activate them with Operational Actions right from round 1. There are so many advantages with these cards:

Operational ship

Alien Artifacts rules

Buy, then build just one more ship and you have your very own fleet of two warships, now you can start executing Start Offensive action on regular basis, with two warships attacking aliens or other players. You became pain in the ass so early in the game, huh?

Operational tech

Alien Artifacts rules

Look at your operational card and let’s face it, you have the whole plan for the game, from the round 1 you know what to build and how to score this damn 8 points at the end of the game. Having a clear plan form the beginning is always a good beginning, huh?

Operational planet

Alien Artifacts rules

That’s especially interesting. Look at the Type of the operational planet you have. In a future rounds you will produce resources on it, and most likely, you will produce resources of that particular Type on it. Keep that in mind and build strategy around that! From the very first round you already know which resources you will have the most. That’s quite an edge, huh?

Thank you for reading, I hope we answered your question and always remember – give us questions, we’ll give you answers. We are always happy to discuss all those cogs and engines hidden in our games!


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