Alien Artifacts: Discovery Early Launch & Release Date

Early Launch of Alien Artifacts: Discovery – March 7th

Play the game with an expansion at your FLGS from March 7th and gain additional Promo: Fate Enhancer that will boost your trade!

Fate Enhancer Alien Artifacts: Discovery Promo Card

Use that opportunity to learn more about Alien Artifacts! It is a sci-fi strategy card game released in 2017, where players are creating their Space Empires. Build ships, develop technologies and discover planets, while in the search for Alien Artifacts, most powerful boons in the game!

Alien Artifacts: Discovery expansion will debut on March 7th with an Early Launch Kit available at your FLGS!

Release Date of Alien Artifacts: Discovery – March 21st

The Early Launch Event will last for two weeks and on March 21st the English version of the expansion will be released worldwide!

The Discovery expansion for Alien Artifacts moves forward the storyline of the universe and introduces new cards – along with a completely new type of cards, Alien Resources. Get new ships and new technologies and send your research vessels into uncharted space. Explore the galaxy for anything — or anyone — you can exploit.

Discover new Alien Artifacts and use them to expand your interplanetary corporation! Harvest new alien resources to surprise your opponents and win the race for the domination in the galaxy!


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