The Day of Moloch has come! We announced new premieres and pre-orders

The Day of Moloch has come! We announced a new pre-order: Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 The Year of Moloch edition for the biggest Neuroshima fans. It comes with bundles in our store. Troglodytes army for Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 is in shops. Also, we are very proud to present our latest app for iOS Apple Store and Google Play Store: Neuroshima Convoy card game. 

This Saturday we celebrate something special. The Day of Moloch is an amazing opportunity to get to know the world of Neuroshima better, get some discounts in our online store, and hear the news about upcoming games!

Neuroshima is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game, similar to Mad Max or Fallout, where people fight against machines in the hostile environment after the nuclear war. Moloch, a self-aware computer program launched a cybernetic attack and led to a machine revolt on September 5, 2020. That is why we celebrate The Day of Moloch today. We announce the premieres and new releases of Portal Games titles set in the Neuroshima universe.

Troglodytes is the latest expansion to Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 and it’s already in shipping. The advantage of the Troglodytes deck is the ability to adapt units to the situation on the board. Cannibalizing your own units enables you to immediately get an additional bonus–the Satiety marker.

Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 The Year of Moloch edition pre-orders

We are proud to announce a new big box edition of the best-selling strategy game from Portal Games: Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 The Year of Moloch editions with tons of promotional materials and new graphics. It is a limited print-run available only in Portal Games store with a hardcovered artbook and insert for 19 armies as well as a resin Borgo figurine available in pre-orders via our shop only.

Get the special bundles prepared for The Day of Moloch!

Free shipping on orders over 70 euro in our European store. IMPORTANT! Orders cannot be combined. All products should be purchased as one order. In case of placing several orders to one address, their costs do not sum up. No returns for shipping costs.

You can get a special starter set and expansion bundles in lower prices. Be first and combine your orders to get free shipping.

Neuroshima Convoy card game app premiere!

The Neuroshima Convoy app is here! The latest game for portable devices is available now on iOS and Android. It’s the next title from Portal Games Digital set in the post-apocalyptic world of Neuroshima, where humanity has been attacked by artificially intelligent and rebellious machines. Moloch leads a convoy of machines in an attempt to destroy New York, but the Outpost is on guard and will do anything to stop them.

The duel between Moloch and the Outpost takes place throughout the USA, represented by the arranged sequence of city boards. Moloch and the Outpost fight fiercely for each district, playing cards, and resolving the effects for victory. Moloch’s goal is to reach New York, and the Outpost’s goal is fulfilled when Moloch runs out of cards. Neuroshima Convoy board game has multiplayer and human vs app mode. It’s a highly regarded card game thanks to its addictive, fast, and compact nature.


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