Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest pre-orders!

Robinson Crusoe Treasure Chest is here! This awesome expansion is the complete collection of every promo released thus far. Since the release of Robinson Crusoe, one of our bestsellers and evergreens, in response to popular demand, we decided to create one box that would contain all treasures–a Treasure Chest for Robinson Crusoe.

Here you will find new Scenarios that present completely new adventures: encountering cruel poachers, following the footsteps of Doctor Livingstone, boarding the Time Machine, experiencing an adventure in Neverland, and setting out for a quest on Treasure Island.

The Treasure Chest also grants access to new Characters and Crewmen as well as ways to diversify your gameplay with Searching the Beach cards. For the players who need a few new surprises, we have added new cards to shuffle into existing decks—bonus Shelter Upgrades, as well as Feature, Mystery, and Event cards. All of this, and more, awaits you inside the Treasure Chest.

Why pre-order? You will get deluxe components which are $20 value (but they are available both in US an European store): resin markers that look just fabulous! If you already own some components, you can order an empty box.

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  1. Tom 2020-09-08 | Reply

    What about a German language edition?

    • Weronika Skupin 2020-10-15 | Reply

      Pegasus released a German version some time ago. This one is Polish and English.

  2. Morten Olsen 2020-09-07 | Reply


    how many ressources are there in a set of resin ressources that come with the Pre-order?

    • Toibaobao 2020-09-24 | Reply

      Resin markers (18 wood, 7 fur, 12 food, 5 nonperishable food, 1 shelter, 1 camp, 5 health tokens).

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