First Martians app available on PC!

We are happy to announce, that our First Martians App is now available on Windows PC – last platform, next to Android and iOS, that will receive its own versions. Please note, that while this is a stable app version, it can still contain some nasty space bugs, that we are working to eradicate as fast, as we can.

Download link: First Martians App PC (Windows)

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  1. mihaha 2017-07-15 | Reply

    Thi is great, I only have a small screen on my phone, this app will be much more visible on my computer. Thanks!!

  2. JJtheJetPlane 2017-07-15 | Reply

    Do the apps sync across platforms? If I start playing on my phone, will my progress transfer over to the PC app?

    • portal 2017-07-17 | Reply

      No, this feature is not supported. You need to stick to one device.

    • portal 2017-07-18 | Reply

      We are working on Steam version right now, so it should be available there soon, but it is hard to tell how soon.

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