Cry Havoc: Aftermath rulebook

Hey! As we celebrate 1 year of Cry Havoc on this world, we have for you a real treat – a official English rulebook in PDF form!

Check it out and tell us, what you think.

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  1. Pouya Ostadpour 2017-10-15 | Reply

    I’m very excited about this one. I like the idea of universal structures and leaders. I wonder if the new events rule can be applied in the base game.
    Also I’d like to see a game variant where you can use two things on a card whenever you play only ONE card (or something like that. maybe in the odd rounds, for example, you can use two rows on your cards instead of the usual one when playing two or less cards.
    In all games that I’ve played, all players had this same sense of dissatisfaction at the end of the game of wanting to do more but couldn’t simply because the game doesn’t let them to do so.
    The other thing I would like to change in this game is where in 4p games, nearly each and every battle is between the invaders and natives, it means that at the end of each round Trogs have two or three battles to do and are busy PLAYING the game while others are just watching and the downtime is surprisingly high, and that’s why I like the game more in 3p than 4p.
    Nevertheless the game was every time exciting and engaging and is one of my all time favourites. And I’m can’t wait for the expansion to come out

  2. Johan Engelskold 2017-09-17 | Reply

    Looks fantastic! But you should’ve really taken the opportunity to do an extended manual with deep info on all skills and structures from both the base game (which was lacking in the Cry Havoc manual) and Aftermath. I LOVE Cry Havoc (and Neuroshima…) but Grant Rodiek should not be forced to put out FAQ’s here and on BGG to get us to understand how all the things actually work. The manual from base Cry Havoc have a real bad rep with my, and others, gaming groups (and with a few reviewers I have seen) and with that in the backlog I would’ve wanted a complete extended skill/structure info in my new afermath BOX. 🙂 Other than that: This is my TOP 1 most anticipated expansion (or game for that matter) this year!!! Can’t wait.

  3. Alex Banks 2017-09-14 | Reply

    Looks exciting – lots of extra content for things we know, like Skills and Buildings, alongside new stuff like Leaders and Universal Structures.
    What I like most is that the majority of content could probably be chucked into the base game without too many extra rules to learn!
    Excited to learn more 🙂

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