Retailer Support Program: Robinson Crusoe

Retailer Support Program

Robinson Crusoe: Event Kit 2018

Retailer Support Program - Robinson Crusoe Kit

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Robinson Crusoe is one of the evergreens of the industry, a massively popular cooperative game about castaways on the stranded island. Many customers of your game store are already huge fans of the game. We are happy to offer you In-store Event Kit that allows players spend a great time in your store playing unique scenario about time travel! This is a perfect way to invite gamers to your store and run few games of Robinson Crusoe creating even more positive buzz around the game. The Kit can be ordered only by a game store. Since we have many question from pubs and clubs, we would like to clarify, that you have to have a retailer status to order the kit from one of our distributors.

New Robinson Crusoe scenario

Even if you are not a fan of Adventuring on the Cursed Island, you should consider stopping by your FLGS. This kit will include a completely new scenario: Time Travel. It was created by Themistoklis Dakanalis, the 2017 contest winner. He is the author of 11th official Robinson Crusoe scenario. Time Travel will take you (no surprise there) back in time, to an era of dangerous beasts and rare healing plants. Your goal would be to save your own life!

The Kit includes one copy of the Time Travel scenario

New Gamer character

You should not Time Travel ill-equipped! And who knows all the paradoxes and mechanics of time-space continuum (except The Doctor)? Who is better suited for Time Travel, than a Gamer?

A new Gamer character for Robinson Crusoe is a fun addition to the game. This character can be used in every existing scenario. Gamer knows such a handy skill, like AC Bonus, which temporally creates a Force Shield around character to prevent damage while hunting. And other gaming related skill such as Noob, Cheat and Powergamer.

The Kit includes 8 copies of new Gamer character

Wooden fish tokens!

Now something you all have been waiting for! Wooden fish tokens! Those cute little wooden pieces (Pisces) represent food resource. Now you do not have to fish for bananas – you can acquire literal fishes, as shown on the Robinson Crusoe board.

The Kit includes 16 wooden fish tokens

Engage the fans of Robinson Crusoe and prepare a perfect event for them!

What you get

  • Engage your community to promote best-selling co-op
  • Play unique mission (never published before!)
  • Award players with unique gifts that come with the kit!
  • $50 worth of additional, free promo stuff, available only when ordering directly through Portal Games

Price: 12€/$15

Release date: 21 March 2018


Demo Robinson Crusoe in your store
The Envoy logoWhat’s more, if you want Robinson Crusoe demoed at your store, contact us. We work with Envoy!

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