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What is a Retailer Support Program?

Portal Games developed a Retailer Support Program to help promote board games hobby and allow fans of our games to meet one another and play together in their Friendly Local Game Stores. Here in Portal Games we strongly believe in local board gaming communities and we know how important it is to check out the game first, or have the reassurance, that the game would be supported after release.

That’s when our Retailer Support Program comes in. Portal Games prepares a set of special events, tournaments and promo kits and then, through the chain of distributors, those kits reach retailers, who can then hold Early Launch Events, Tournaments and In-Store organized play Events. Early Launch are held usually during the pre-order period of one game and allow players to test out the product before buying it – and if they decide to buy it there usually be some extra promo goodies available. Tournaments are really self-explanatory – just check out our first U.S. National Championship Circuit 2018 organized by the Envoy for Neuroshima HEX! 3.0. In-Store Events or organized play could mean many exciting activities – new special promos and modes of play, celebration of a particular anniversary or anything else, that is not a tournament and early launch. Look at what we have in mind for Imperial Settlers for example.

What’s more, if you want our game being demoed at your store, contact us. We work with Envoy!


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