Retailer Support Program: Alien Artifacts

Retailer Support Program

Alien Artifacts: Discovery Early Launch Kit 2018

Retailer Support Program -  Alien Artifacts Discovery Kit

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Alien Artifacts: Discovery Early Launch Kit is another take from Portal Games to support brick & mortar stores and offer them unique product! Each B&M store can order 1 Alien Artifacts: Discovery Early Launch Kit 2018 and get 10 copies of the expansion, 10 promo materials, Alien Artifacts poster and the product will be delivered to 2 weeks before the official release date.

Portal Games as always will support game stores with an extensive marketing campaign of the Early Launch, making sure that hundreds of Alien Artifacts fans will visit their FLGS to buy the expansion!

What you get

  • Get the product 2 weeks before official release
  • Get 10 promo materials and poster
  • Be part of Early Launch Event and take advantage of marketing buzz created by the publisher
  • $50 worth of additional, free promo stuff, available only when ordering directly through Portal Games

Price: 79€/$89

Release date: 3 March 2018


Demo Alien Artifacts in your store
The Envoy logoWhat’s more, if you want Alien Artifacts demoed at your store, contact us. We work with Envoy!

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