Charles-Amir Perret

Crazy Karts


ARTICLE: Crazy Karts Design Journal

Crazy Karts showed up in our mailbox in the spring of 2015. We receive dozens of prototypes in the mail and try to play them all. It’s rare that one sparks our interest. After the first play, the whole team took a minute to breathe, then looked around the table at each other waiting for someone to break the silence. If your game can bring a whole room full of game developers to silence, you probably have a good shot at impressing them. Today, we want to share with you a design journal from the author Charles-Amir Perret. Enjoy!   I always loved playing. All kind of games. I remember playing a lot when I was a teenager a game called in french « ...

ARTICLE: Why Crazy Karts?

Crazy Karts is a racing game like no other. Set in a fantasy universe inhabited by Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, Mummies, and many other creatures, it puts players in the role of kart drivers who race for the title of Champion. Why CRAZY Karts? Two drivers Each kart is steered by two players who cannot communicate during the race. Oh, they can do some trash talk here and there, but no discussing about strategy for the race. No planning the best path. No debating about which opponent we should hit with our ram! Each kart in the game has two drivers. Each driver has a different set of available actions. The front driver is able to use the Special Action (each faction in the game has a dedicated Action!), accelerate, ...

ARTICLE: Crazy Karts – Our First Play

Once in a while we receive a prototype that blows our mind. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. We found Legacy: testament of duke de Crecy in 2012. Tides of Time happend in 2014. Crazy Karts came to us in 2015… *** I remember exactly the first afternoon we played the Crazy Karts prototype. It was a whole day at Portal Games dedicated to playtesting submitted prototypes. After few games I was tired. I was disappointed. I was one step away from leaving the office and heading home. There was nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing immersive in the prototypes we played that day. Greg put another prototype on the table. “It’s a racing game”, he said. Hundreds of little hexes printed ...

ARTICLE: Look At Those Crazy Karts!

This summer, you’ll have some wacky races with Crazy Karts! Today, for your viewing pleasure, we bring you a look at the awesome artwork in the game! We are super proud of how great this game looks and hope you agree!

RULES: Crazy Karts Rulebook!

It’s finally time to show you the cogs and gears of our upcoming game, Crazy Karts! Hopefully you checked all of Ignacy’s posts on Twitter and Snapchat last week of people having fun with the game at the Gathering of Friends. Well, today, we pull off the covers and share the rules with you! Click the image!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Portal Games Announces Crazy Carts

Portal Games Announces Crazy Carts An exciting, team-based racing game from designer Charles-Amir Perret. Gliwice, Poland – March 16, 2016. Today, Portal Games announced Crazy Karts from designer Charles-Amir Perret. Crazy Karts is a fast-paced racing game for teams of two in which each player controls specific actions of their kart, but they cannot communicate with their teammate. One player controls the brakes and turns, while the other player speeds up and fires the cannon. Teams must out maneuver their opponents, dodge obstacles, grab power-ups, and avoid smashing into the walls, all without talking! In Crazy Karts, teams of two pair off to race to the finish line and must coordinate their actions without communicating. Each round, players draw cards from their team deck and assign them to the various ...


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