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Developed by Michał Oracz
Age 10+
Players 2 - 4
Game length 30 min.
Language version English
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  • 35 tiles for Human Empire faction
  • 35 tiles for Dwarven Guardians faction
  • 35 tiles for Lords of the Abyss faction
  • 35 tiles for Elven Forests faction
  • 8 Hit Point markers
    (2 per faction)
  • 30 initiative markers
  • 22 wound markers
  • 6 Net markers
  • 4 Disarmament markers
  • 5 Poison markers
    (Lords of the Abyss faction)
  • 1 Entrenchment marker
    (Guardians of the Realm faction)
  • 1 Net marker
    (Dragon Empire faction)
  • 12 plastic MONOLITH segments
  • 4 faction reference sheets
    (1 per faction)
  • 4 alliance tiles
    (for multiplayer games)
  • 2 Alliance Hit Point markers
    (1 per Alliance)
  • 1 Active Player tile
    (for multiplayer games)
  • 1 game board
  • 1 rulebook
The primeval MONOLITH, older than the oldest chronicles and songs, awaits heroes to compete in their bloody tournament upon the deadly arena that surrounds it. Join the game with your team and challenge the old champions.

MONOLITH ARENA is a fast, fantasy skirmish board game for two to four players. Learn the features of your warriors. Find and exploit your enemy's weak points. Always be ready to change your tactics.

Win for glory, for your leaders and gods, or for the power of the MONOLITH itself - or relinquish your place to someone better!

Boost your game with the MONOLITH rules!

The game contains 4 sets of three plastic MONOLITH pieces. Use them in the unique MONOLITH game mode to prepare your faction against oncoming opponent.

Easy to learn rules of the game!

Place your banner on the arena and challenge your enemies!

Attack and watch your back!

Master all four factions:
  • Human Empire with their deady charges, gun powder and armors!
  • Solid as stone Dwarven Guardians with their fearsome machinery!
  • Legendary beasts of the Elven Forests with their extraordinary mobility!
  • Lurking in the shadows and attacking from darknes, the Lords of the Abyss with their nets and poisons!

Monolith Arena is a game by the famous designer Michał Oracz, creator of Neuroshima HEX! and This War Of Mine.


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