Thorgal: Update #7 – Let us answer your questions

It’s been a couple of weeks of informing you about Thorgal: the board game, and we are very happy to see many opinions and questions in the comments section both here and on Boardgamegeek. Today I decided not to discuss another piece of the rules of Thorgal but to give voice to you and answer your most frequently asked questions from the comments section.

What about local editions?
Many of you ask about Polish, French, German, and other language editions. As for today, we cannot confirm languages other than Polish and English, but we aim to have the game released in many versions. We are aware of the francophone community of Thorgal fans, and we will do our best to deliver the game in your language, it is our high priority.

Who does the artwork?
The leading illustrator for the board game is Maciej Simiński. Maciej is a Polish comic book artist, he is best known in the board game industry for his stunning work with Batman: Everybody Lies.

Maciej is mainly responsible for the tremendous Atlas of Adventure – epic boards with locations and scenery. Supporting artist for the game is Hanna Kuik, who illustrated Batman: Everybody Lies and Dune: House Secrets. Hanna does additional artwork for Item cards and other components.

You’ll also find many original illustrations from comic books in the game, especially in the Book of Tales and on various types of cards. The vast library of stunning work from Grzegorz Rosiński is a resource we will use throughout the game.

Will there be a Table Top Simulator demo?
Many of you ask if we make it possible to test the game before backing it. Yes, absolutely. Along with the campaign, we’ll present the early version of the rulebook in PDF format and provide you with one scenario to test on Table Top Simulator.

When does the campaign start?
The campaign starts in March.

Are the scenarios based on comic book albums?
All scenarios in the game have a unique story written by Rafał Szyma. Rafał Szyma is a Polish game designer primarily known for his work for Neuroshima RPG. Rafał is also a long-time fan of Thorgal comic books. He is dedicated to writing stories for each scenario that are true to the series’ spirit and that are enhancing some of the elements of the lore. He wrote a great selection of scenarios that offer an exciting story set in the world of Thorgal and challenge players with interesting choices. The Book of Tales enhances the story-driven element of each scenario.

Find out more about Thorgal here:

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