The first big Neuroshima Hex update is here!

The first big Neuroshima Hex update is here!

Today Neuroshima Hex app received the first major update, with the Steel Police army being added to the game.

The Steel Police is a wandering brigade of law and order fanatics clad in pre-war, experimental power armor. They appear out of nowhere and soothe the area amid the roar of explosions and gunfire.

Neuroshima Hex: Steel Police is the first additional army added to the app. The army’s author is none other than the base game’s author – Michał Oracz. The Steel Police introduces a new ability – Reflection. Reflection protects the army unit from all attacks directed at its side marked with the Reflection icon. Such an attack is reflected in the opposite direction! Positioning and planning never were so important as right now!

Neuroshima HEX app has a solo mode with three difficulty levels and cross-platform online gameplay, allowing you to play against friends or random opponents regardless of their smartphone’s operating system (Android or iOS).

Neuroshima HEX app offers 4 basic Factions known from the base game: Moloch, Hegemony, Outpost, and Borgo. Neuroshima HEX mobile app is available for purchase at iOS App Store and Google Play store. Important: players who bought the previous edition of the mobile app will download it for free.

Neuroshima Hex: Steel Police – Android
Neuroshima Hex: Steel Police – IOS


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